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She had gone back the first few times to rescue her own family, then she kept going back — taking any slave willing to risk the hard road to freedom.

Posters with her name and picture were plastered all over Maryland – Wanted: Harriet Tubman — dead or alive.

Every journey on the underground railroad became more and more difficult – slave catchers were discovering which houses were stations for the journey, and there were less and less places for Harriet and her passengers find rest.

To the point where they had to go days without stopping…

Over and over she prayed “Lord, I’m going to hold steady on to you, and you’ve got to see us through”

Then, Harriet hears a voice – they were caught for sure!   But instead of the person confronting them, they mumbled something about a wagon, a horse, and baskets of food nearby.

Harriet closed her eyes in relief, God had seen them through, and they were back on the road to freedom.

All in all, Harriet led hundreds to freedom and inspired millions more to stand up for what’s right no matter the cost.

(Adapted from the book, Heroes in Black History)


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