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In a time where people are “canceled” for what they say on-line and in person, and we are all offended by everything, grace seems like such a foreign concept.

In Reckless Grace, Bill Vanderbush and Brit Eaton unpack the theological and practical applications of God’s reckless grace and invite you to be an active participant in releasing that same grace into an increasingly offense-filled world.

Co-Author Bill Vanderbush explains the heart of the book:

“If you’ve ever needed grace just to feel like you’re worthy to breathe again, this book will be life to you. If you’ve thought grace was merely God’s medicine for the morally sick, then put this book away until you find yourself broken on the wheels of living. You see, grace is not something you fall from but Someone you fall into.”

Brit Eaton sat down with me on the 30 Second Book Club Podcast to share more about the book and how you can accept God’s Reckless Grace today.

Reckless Grace

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