Episode #292 — Amid all the unexpected that 2020 served up, we’ve seen a steady stream of extraordinary new music. For the songwriters behind it, how has such a different season in life kindled their creativity? Or is that even the right way to label it? Passion’s Brett Younker shares his take.

“Anytime you change the rhythm & routine – I think it depends on your personality to be honest – but, for me, it was a good thing. It just allowed us to say, hey. What maybe you expected would happen yields different results. We weren’t traveling obviously. Even church has been different for all of us this year. And kind of in those gaps God met us there as we were working on these things.”

“And I just feel that’s like following God in general you know? In that unknown space, that’s where God meets you. And to be creative you’ve got to kind of venture out into that space a little bit. It’s a little scary at times, but I think it’s that faith and trust. Just steadily walking with God through it, and then He meets you there.”

Brett’s found that the absence of the comfortable has been a step toward the even more creative.

“There’s good things about knowing – having rhythms and routines. But I think there is something exciting about going, I don’t know what’s going to happen here. Because of that, I have to trust. I have to trust God knows what’s going to happen here.”

“So I’m just a little more in tune with Him than when I’m a little more comfortable, or when things find us just going, ‘Oh, you know. This is what we do. This is how we’ve always done it.’ Actually, I am way out of control. And I need you, God. I need You to come through.”

“I think that’s true of creative endeavors, but I also think that’s just true about life.”

Brett Younker is a worship leader, songwriter & recording artist with Passion. Their just released Hope Has a Name is the Christmas album they say they’ve always wanted to make.

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