Now that there’s plenty of snow on the ground, and you need to get your kids out of the house during Christmas break, why not take them to a sledding hill?  It’s a great way to have them run off some energy (climbing hills takes a LOT of work!), and there are some fantastic options in the metro.

One of my favorites is at Columbia Golf Club in Minneapolis (that’s where I took the above picture)  –  It’s a big, wide hill, so you don’t have to go one at a time, and you can get some serious speed.   From the parking lot, head left of the clubhouse, and up the hill.  Usually if you follow the sound of the joyous screams, you’ll find the hill!

If you want to find a hill a little closer to home, has a Twin Cities Sledding Guide for you.

What’s your favorite place to go sledding?



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