Kari Jobe is an incredible worship leader who helped write the song “The Blessing.”  In our conversation, Kari shares about what she had learned during 2020 and prays a “blessing” over our listeners.

“A week before the pandemic hit we wrote (The Blessing), and didn’t know why, but felt very, very, very, impressed by the Lord to just push it through and get it out. (It’s) pretty crazy to record something that quickly and get it out five days later. But we just felt super strong about it. We got it out on YouTube, and a week later was when the pandemic hit. We were baffled, we were like “Wow, what is happening?!” The timing of the Lord to give us all something that was unifying in a moment that felt like extreme chaos.  It’s been so sweet to watch this song, to watch the covers, to watch these countries doing a cover in different languages…it’s been one of the greatest joys of my life.”

You can listen to the entire conversation by clicking the player below.

Kari Jobe on The Blessing

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