If you’ve been missing going to live concerts (like Joyful Noise – returning in 2021), this is going to be an incredible experience to check out over labor day weekend.    Speaker Greg Laurie is teaming up with the Erwin Brothers (who did films I Still Believe and Woodlawn) and your favorite artists for an event called A Rush of Hope.

“Our life is like a movie,” says the voice of Laurie in the trailer (which you can check out below). “It has a beginning, middle and end.”

“We all have questions about this movie that we are in. Is this movie a tragedy? Is it a love story? Or is it a comedy even? Do we win in the end? Why am I here? What is the meaning of my life? And what happens after I die?

“There are answers to these questions,”

You can find out more and invite your friends here.

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