I have some great kids. My 3 girls are in high school and college right now. As they get older, I often miss the days of having preschool age daughters dance around the living room in their princess outfits. They grew up watching plenty of princess movies, but the years have brought along other interests and frankly… they’ve grown up.

The princess tea parties don’t happen as much as they used to.

A couple of years ago, I was able to have them join me on a work trip to Orlando. After my conference, we went to Disney for our first time. None of us had ever been.

As the day brought encounters with princesses and some of their other favorite childhood characters, I saw a small glimpse of those childhood moments. As the night ended with fireworks over Cinderella’s castle, I got a little choked up seeing my 17 year-old look a little like her 4 year-old self as she watched in awe.

It reminded me of my call to approach the Kingdom of God “like a child” (Matthew 18:3).

When I think of Jesus, I want my eyes to have that same look of excitement.

If you’ve been a Christ follower for many years, I pray you find that child-like faith and awe. If you are new to following Jesus: don’t ever forget the joy and excitement you have right now. And, try to return to it as often as possible!

(Originally published March, 2017)

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