With a heavy heart, very early this morning, we walked up the quiet street at 38th & Chicago to pray. My son Matthew and I felt drawn to go there. Have you ever felt “led” to go somewhere…not sure why but you knew you had to go?

Words can’t describe what it was like to stand where George Floyd took his final breath. It was a memorial. Stillness. No crowds or organized rallies. No protests. Total quiet. No news cameras….just a few people. It was a sacred time. Very still. I had never felt anything like this. It was totally still as I knelt down on the empty street pavement, the same pavement where George Floyd took his last breath, and said a prayer. My son Matt and I felt drawn to be there.

Then, in a solemn moment, after days of riots, and destruction, unexpectedly, church members on the corner across the street began singing praises to God, saying “you are worthy, you are a Holy God, you are high and lifted up above all the earth”, and praying peace and healing over the broken neighborhood. We stood, walked over and joined them, we sang and prayed together with people we never met, people we never knew, but who knew so much about heartache, pain and suffering. I spent time on that corner listening to the songs, praying, and wiping my eyes.

In that moment I looked at my son Matthew and realized why we were “led” there. It was a sacred moment. I learned that a small glimmer of hope was flickering in the midst of the very place, the epicenter, where darkness and death prevailed. The very place where they show that horrific video on the news over and over again. We expected protests and anger, but instead found hope and faith. I will never forget this morning, the tears, or the strength of the community at the corner of 38th & Chicago. It is for sure one of the most sobering and meaningful moments of my life.

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