Maybe you’ve heard just the right song at the right time on 98.5 KTIS. Sometimes God brings songs when we need them the most. Riley Clemmons experienced that with her new song “Over and Over“.

I am so grateful that we were able to put out Over And Over when we did. I’ve always been told to write the song that you need to hear. Obviously, the global pandemic is an event that none of could have really seen coming.

In times when it’s so easy to feel isolated and alone, and invisible – how beautiful that we have a God that’s choosing us over and over again.

Riley knows that everybody has doubts from time to time – but God’s promises never change.

I think in a really honest way, right now, we can ask “God, where are you?” As a Christian, the doubt sinks in sometimes. And the question is “God, why aren’t you showing up?”

And the line in Over And Over is: “Every sunrise I find another reminder of how much you love me.”

And so right now, the promise of the sun and the sunrise is just as new and rich as it’s ever been.

Listen below for my full interview with Riley.

Keith and Riley Clemmons

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