Have you found your thoughts leading you down scary roads? Taking you to worst-case-scenarios with even bleaker outcomes? It’s easy to do with so many uncertainties in our world right now.

Darren Mulligan from We Are Messengers encourages us to be mindful and purposeful when they occur.

Even with worries around finance, and worries around health – we’re going to have those things because we’re human – you can’t decide what thoughts come into your head, but you can decide what to do with those things.

He reminds us that God is our hope – no matter what may happen

We don’t spend our days obsessing about whether we’re going to get sick or whether we’re going to lose our livelihood. We spend our days running to the Word. We spend our days singing,  we spending our days dancing, because we believe God is with us, even in this.

And if He’s with us in this, we’re going to be alright, and we’re gonna come out the other side of it.

Listen to my full interview with Darren:

Keith and Darren Mulligan from We Are Messengers

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