Did you know that trafficking of girls, women, and boys for sex is occurring in every county of our state and every suburb of the Twin Cities Metro? It’s happening online, throughout our communities, in schools, churches, and in homes.

How can we protect our loved ones? How do we initiate conversations? What role does pornography play? How can we pray?

98.5 KTIS tackled this tough conversation during a special live broadcast.

Keith Stevens, Natalie Grant, local experts, and detectives discussed how we can shine a light on human trafficking. How to talk to your children about this hidden but very real issue. And survivors in our community shared their stories along with the hope only God can bring.

You can listen to the broadcast here:

Human Trafficking Live Special – Part 1

Human Trafficking Live Special – Part 2

To learn more:

MN Day One Crisis Line for anyone needing immediate help – 1-866-223-1111 

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison
Trafficking Justice

Thank you for donating to Breaking Free to help local survivors. We will be accepting donations at our free concert with Natalie Grant at MOA. If you can’t make it out to see us, donations are accepted online.

Thank you for listening as we share HOPE for our community.

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