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If you want to live a better life, it starts with replacing the lies you believe and replace them with God’s truth.  That’s why I talked with Lisa Graft about her journal, What’s True About You.

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What’s True About You

4 Steps To Getting Started:

  1. Pay attention to your triggers.  When you begin to feel anxious, scared, frustrated, defeated, lost or hopeless — pause for long enough to get to the root of what is causing those feelings and what you’re believing to be true.
  2. Pinpoint the lie.  Write down the lie you’re believing.  Sometimes we believe lies about other people.  Other times we can;t see past the lies about our situation or circumstances.  But most commonly, hiding undernteath our doubts, fears, or frustrations, we are believing a lie about ourselves and our identity or God and His character.
  3. Replace the lie with the truth.  Sometimes this is as easy as flipping the script to the exact opposite of the lie.  Other times it can be more complicated to really discover the underlying truth of the matter.  When our lies are deeply-rooted, routinely-believed, or rarely-questioned the hold they have on us is stronger.  It takes more courage and imagination to discover and proclaim the truth.
  4. Imagine your freedom.  Start to let your mind wander to a future where the lie has no place in your life.  Then as soon as the lie crosses your mind, you’re able to call it out for what it is and quickly replace it with the truth.

That’s just from the first page of this journal!  The rest is filled with real life stories and truth from the Bible.  I really believe that What’s True About You could help transform your life!



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