It was the most wonderful night of the year!


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  • Sherry Palla says:

    We were so blessed at the concert, when 2 gentleman named Jordon and Ryan, came up to our seats in the 4 th, and highest section of Target Center, Fri. night, and gave us 2 free $75.00 tickets to sit down in 2nd row, near the stage! How wonderful! What a thrilling surprise! They said KTIS sent them to find a young couple to find and give them away!
    Thank you so very much! You blessed our hearts indeed! So thankful for your station! It helps lift my heavy heart every day and helps me keep going, on this pilgrim journey of life! We have had a rough year beginning with my sickness a yr. ago last fall. Then our daughter began acting strange toward me, and has been rude ever since. She even blocked me on her phone, haven’t let us babysit our 2 beautiful grand daughters for 14 mos., or come to stay at overnight at our home all summer! We used to babysit them at least once per month, babysat 2 days of every week in summer, and had them here at least 3 overnights each summer. And now this. We don’t understand. At least she talks with my husband. He said she’s planning on going to a psychologist, but has said that for months, but hasn’t yet. My heart has blisters. When we last saw her and the little girls, she never talked with me, only if I asked her a question. And now it is Christmas and we have not heard a word about it from her, so my husband is going to talk with her this afternoon about giving our gifts to the girls. No one can take that faith or the true meaning of Christmas away from our hurting hearts. You have helped us greatly through this Christmas concert and we will never forget that! God bless you always, Sherry and Charlie Palla

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