The new year gives us a chance to step back and reflect on how abundant our life really is; how rich we are in friends, in time, and in talent. Kindness comes in different sized packages, and it only truly becomes a blessing when given – not out of a need – but out of our abundance.

During the month of January, 98.5 KTIS and Thrivent want to challenge you to 30 days of kindness. Call someone and tell them how much they matter, strike up a conversation with someone who looks lonely, invite someone over for dinner, or offer to walk someone’s dog.  Do you know someone who needs help with their heat bill, or would you help make someone’s grocery money stretch a little further?

Listen to KTIS’ Keith Stevens Monday thru Friday morning from 6 – 10 am; Keith wants to know about someone who could really use a kind act, and will occasionally be taking your calls so you can share a story about them. If you’re chosen, you will receive $250 to help you carry out your acts of kindness. And for blessing others, you will receive a pair of Mercy Me/Jeremy Camp concert tickets – and an invitation to a VIP reception prior to the concert.

We’ve got a few ideas to get you started:

  • Be generous with compliments today
  • Text someone just to say you care about them
  • Listen without interrupting or arguing back
  • Be the reason someone smiles today
  • Leave the close parking spot for someone else
  • Pick up litter even if it wasn’t yours
  • Congratulate a co-worker in front of their peers on a job well done
  • Make sure everyone around you feels included in the conversation
  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Tell someone they are beautiful
  • Write a handwritten note for your spouse kids or friend.
  • Ask questions to help understand someone’s point of view
  • Go out of your way to introduce yourself to someone you’ve not met before
  • Brush the snow off of a co-worker’s car before you head home
  • Show respect for people with differing political beliefs than yours
  • Make it a personal challenge to make 3 people laugh today
  • Do the chore your spouse or roommate dislikes the most
  • Surrender control of the remote tonight
  • Listen with more than your ears
  • Take pictures with your friends and family. It helps people feel valued
  • Go through your closet and give away clothes you don’t wear often anymore
  • Help someone know it’s OK to be different
  • Focus on listening rather than what you are going to say next
  • Offer to carry something when someone’s hands are full
  • Make amends with someone from your past who you treated wrongly
  • Tell your cashier or server they are doing a great job
  • Put an extra dollar in the tip jar
  • Offer to drive the car pool an extra day this week
  • Clean something that isn’t your responsibility to clean
  • Pass along a book that has helped you, to a friend.



Download a printable version of this list


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