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If you have been chasing the “American Dream” but it doesn’t leave you any more fulfilled, you are definitely not alone.  Although the income per capita in the USA has tripled in the last 60 years, we are not any happier.  Why is that?  And how do we help the poor if the American Dream isn’t making us happy?  Those are the deep questions tackled in the new book,  .

Becoming Whole Interview

From the book:

We are driven by what our heart–our mind, will, and affections–loves most.  Hence, the way to a person’s heart is to capture their imagination (mind), move their emotions (affections), and challenge their actions (will) [44]

We become what we worship:

Every human is worshiping something […] The term in this context doesn’t mean just singing hymns on Sunday morning,   Rather, we worship whatever we love most, the magnet that has the greatest pull on our hearts. [52]

Miracles in the world:

We may not directly see Him in the world, but that doesn’t mean He is absent […]  He doesn’t visibly appear on the main stage of the daily functioning of the laws of nature any more than Shakespeare appears as a character in Hamlet. [131]

The Goal:

The goal isn’t to live the American Dream now and get our souls to heaven later.  The goal is to become whole. [265]




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