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It’s the call you never want to get in the middle of the night.  What do you do when you find out your child is in trouble?

Judy Slegh has been through that with her son, and wrote a book on how she found forgiveness called Help! I have a Prodigal.

She shared about her book and some great advice in the 30 Second Book Club Podcast:

Help I Have a Prodigal – Judy Slegh

When you are hoping for a solution:

God is at work even today.  He desires for us to pray and hears our prayers to act on them with his wisdom.  He is sovereign and can change the hearts of men so easily. (13)

Living with regret:

Regret is a legitimate thing to process.  We all make mistakes, especially in our relationships with others.  The enemy loves for us to focus on regret and take the condemnation upon ourselves.  (107)

The importance of boundaries:

Boundaries are a roadmap that guides and promotes healthy, respectful relationships. […]  Setting boundaries before crises develop helps us to consider all options.  It prevents us from establishing reactive boundaries in response to pressure.  When we set boundaries in the absence of chaos or pressure, we can pray about the boundaries we should create. (164)

Entering into God’s rest:

[Rest] positions us to understand God’s heart for us, His desires for our freedom, and His plans for our loved ones.  Hebrews 4:1-16 explains that

  • rest requires full assurance of our faith;
  • rest is trusting in God’s finished work;
  • rest requires obedience;
  • rest eliminates the need to strive;
  • rest is being comfortable with God really knowing us;
  • rest can be possible because of Jesus knowing and understanding our weaknesses; and
  • rest comes when we confidently draw near to God’s throne of grace for mercy and help


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