“People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan”

Maybe you feel like you’re just floating through life, like a leaf on the Mississippi River.    , by Todd Isberner, could help you get back on track, with actionable insights and goals in 4 areas of life.

What Every Man Needs To Know

On Faith:

You want to set goals that grow your faith and can be practiced on a daily basis.  The evidence of achieving these goals will be seen in your core values and the lifestyle behaviors found in 2 Peter 1:3-10. (33)

On Family:

It would seem to make sense to run from instead of towards a family where there is hurt, bad role modeling and disillusionment.

But you have to make a choice in how you think about it.

Either God made a horrible mistake, or by design you were placed in that family for a reason and God can deepen your relationship with him in spite of the dysfunction.  He can bring good from anything and make the experience purpose-filled. (57)

On Fitness:

Determine what you want and why. […]  When you write down what you want, you lock it in and take the first step in making a commitment. (93)

On Finances:

If you want to serve God and not money, and be devoted to Him not to the demands of getting money, make every effort to follow his principles.

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