A number of years ago, my friend and I sat face-to-face on the couch and talked about her journey through the wilderness. It’s been a slow and agonizing passage for her. She’s been weary in the waiting; she so wants a breakthrough; yet she’s so faithfully taken one obedient step at a time without any sense of when her breakthrough would come.

The thing is, she could take a few steps to the right and land herself on the fast highway to some kind of quick solution. But truth be told, that would be her way, not God’s way. She’d end up with a counterfeit version of God’s best desire for her life. And in the depths of her heart, she wants to lay hold God’s highest and best will for her.

My friend shared how the journey has taken its toll. I leaned in, grabbed her arms, and said, “Listen to me, friend. Your sacrifice of praise and your fierce obedience have not gone unnoticed by God. There is NO sacrifice you could make to Him that will not met with a totally disproportionate response of His great love, and grace, and provision! Any gift you give, any offering you make, any initiative you take to obey Him (especially when it costs you), is noted by God and He will respond to in ways you cannot imagine. He is a disproportionate God! Wrap your arms around who you are to Him! Embrace what you possess in Him. Though you long to have your breakthrough right now, get a vision for the harvest response He is preparing for you in the days to come. You can trust Him with your whole story because He cares deeply about you!”

And can I tell you this? Today, all of these years later, my friend is overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness for the way God broke through and answered her prayers. She’d tell you this herself: Wait for the Lord. He knows what’s best for you and He is more than able to answer when the time is right!

May these words encourage you today you as well.

Are you weary in well doing? Have you waited on God for what feels like forever yet feel frustrated by your lack of forward-moving progress?

Maybe it feels tempting to grab a quick solution or a counterfeit version of something He has promised you, but deep in your heart, you know it’s best to wait for God’s best for you.

Do it, my friend. Wait for God’s best and see if He won’t absolutely boggle your mind with His goodness, His grace, and His attention to detail.

If at all possible, get your eyes off of what you lack, and of what it’s costing you right now. Instead, lift your eyes to Jesus, the One who will finish what He started in and through you.

If you lack strength or perspective in this particular moment, get alone with God. Spend extended time in His presence. Open your hands to receive more of what He so lovingly wants to provide for you. Remind yourself of His Word and His promise to you. Speak to your soul the way my friend Ann Voskamp speaks to hers. She reminds herself everyday of this truth: God is always good. And I am always loved.

There is no gift you can give, no prayer you can pray, no act of obedience that you can initiate that will not be met by God’s overwhelming love, provision, goodness, grace, and power when the time is right.

You may not see its evidence right away, but the seeds you’ve planted have life in them; they’re affecting change, making a difference, and impacting circumstances in your midst. One day your eyes will see it, so know it now.

Stand on God’s faithfulness now.


Believe Him for big things.

Entrust your cares, your sacrifices, and your gifts to Him.

There’s no safer place for your hopes, your dreams, and the concerns of your heart than with Jesus. God is in the business of exponential, over and above, beyond our wildest dreams, kinds of answers. Every detail of your life is best entrusted to Him.

Open your arms wide. Look up. Trust Him. Obey Him. He is good and He is more than able to do in a moment what it might take you years to accomplish. God is able. You can trust Him.

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Ephesians 3:20

One Response to "God is able"

  • Liza Parker says:

    Thank you so much for these words of encouragement. As I just climbed into bed alone, (as I have so much of my life), I was feeling so lonely. I remembered I wanted to enter for a chance to win a ride to the Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith Christmas Concert at the Target Center on December 6th. So I logged into MYKTIS.COM to enter. Then I came across your writing about God’s deep LOVE for us. So I read it. From this day forth, I am going to sing “Jesus Loves Me” out loud to remind myself to read verses from the Bible, so I can know (BELIEVE) HIS TRUTH.
    Also by just reading your words about feeling so weary, I was thinking exactly that, about myself. And how the Holy Spirit within me and around me constantly, whispers to me that I am making the right choice by treating myself as a holy temple. Set apart for God’s glory. But because I am only human, sometimes I cry in bed becsuse I wish that God would hurry up a little, before my life is over. I am 54 years old and never been loved by my ex boyfriend enough, for him to give up all his addictions and surrender his life to Jesus. So I finally left him in 2013 after my dad died and I realized all the mistakes I had made, and how short, life truly is. So I have (GOD HAS) turned my life around. I AM REDEEMED FOR HIS USE. Sometimes I worry and work so hard to try to keep this little home that my dad and I built in the year 2000. I have 2 jobs, so I am exhausted feeling sometimes. With no husband to help me finish it. It still has a dirt floor in the basement because I never have enough time or money to work on it. The moisture that builds up on the windows on the one story that I live in is hard to keep up with the dirt/& black mold that is a constant battle. I don’t have any family come over because I am so embarrassed. And I would be so ashamed of what they would think of me. I just go to work all the time and think someday God will bless me with a MAN OF GOD. A HELPER. A COMPANION. Someone who will not judge me. Someone who might understand what I have gone through, and how hard I am trying. I will not grow weary of doing good. Somewhere in the Bible it says never grow tired of doing good.
    Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for having this comment box for me to reply back to you. This is the first time I have ever done this. I shared somethings very deep and personal that I did not expect to, but I was wondering if you could pray for God’s grace and provision for my life. Because it is so hard to walk through this life alone.
    I also wanted to tell you that your words felt like balm was put on my broken heart and the pain became less. Thank you so much Susie Larson for reminding me that GOD IS ABLE. BECAUSE YOU ARE RIGHT, HE IS. ~
    God bless you. Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful that I took the time to click on your article. Take good care of your part in HIS KINGDOM. 💜 With Love, Liza Parker

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