As debate swirls across the internet about social media and its effect on teenagers, one mom has created a movement to try to delay introducing smartphones to children until they’re at least 14 – or in 8th grade.  It’s called the “Wait until 8th Challenge”.  The pledge has become a full-blown movement now. Learn more and sign the pledge with your child at By the way, every major carrier makes a basic phone that just calls and texts without a data plan if you believe your child will need to get in touch with you before 8th grade.

The mom who started the pledge, Brooke Shannon, says, “Our hope is to create a support network for those parents who would like to wait on giving their child a phone.  Every family has various circumstances and dynamics that will shape this decision. We hope by creating this pledge, parents that would like to wait will feel more empowered to do so.”

Childhood is too short to waste on a smartphone. Take the pledge today!

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