It isn’t unusual to see a grain bin on display at the Minnesota State Fair. But you may want to look closely at one unique steel structure on display among the farm implements and animals.

A missions organization from the midwest has worked with a grain bin manufacturer to solve a crisis in a creative way.

GoServ Global will be occupying a busy corner with a 250 square foot home made from a highly modified Sukup grain bin. The Sukup Safe T Home allows a comfortable, cool, and safe place to live. Following a devastating earthquake in Haiti, more than 300 of these homes were constructed for displaced families. They have also been used in Peru and Uganda. The homes house families, orphans, and even a Bible camp.

The homes feature a loft space and a ventilation system designed to keep the home cool in hot climates. Three “ballast bins” are used to weigh the home down. These are filled with locally available material and can often double as small gardens.

You’ll be able to find GoServ on the corner of Judson and Nelson at the Fair.

You can learn more about the Safe T Home on GoServ’s website.


Volunteers and GoServ staff construct a Safe T Home on the State Fairgrounds

Wrapping up construction at the State Fair

A comparison of two homes in Haiti. The Safe T Home replaced the home on the left. The family had been living there since Hurricane Matthew nearly 3 years ago.

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