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If you are an adult and feel like you don’t really have everything figured out, you may wish you had someone alongside you to help out.  Susie Davis found that her children’s friends would always come to her for advice and decided to write it down so we can all learn from it!  Her book is called Dear Daughters: Love Letters to the Next Generation, and you can listen to a conversation about her book here:

Susie Davis – Dear Daughters – 30 Second Book Club Interview

One thing to do to combat fear every day:

We take tiny, brave steps forward today.  No thinking about tomorrow’s problems or next week’s issues.  Just for today, think only on today. (36)

On loving your body:

Interestingly, the Bible doesn’t spend time focusing instruction on maintaining a healthy body, and it certainly doesn’t outline “how to” tips for a perfect bikini body, but we do.  I find that when we’re obsessed with things God doesn’t seem to care much about, we might be missing something. A chance to lean in to more of what God wants for us, and a chance to live in and with our bodies without continual angst.  Wouldn’t that be beautiful? (65)

Finding God in the mundane:

And no matter where you are in your day, that is important to God too.  Whether you’re changing diapers or driving to work or unloading dishes, if we keep our hearts open to God in the midst of the mundane, that matters to him. (122)

The truth about transitions:

Transitions require that we let loose of things.  Sometimes that means we walk away from a job we loved or say goodbye to a relationship we enjoyed.  It requires that we open our hands as well as our hearts.  And then that we walk forward in our lives believing that God actually is with us and in us working his good pleasure.  And hidden in his pleasure for our lives is our best good.  (159)

And the secret to loving your life?

It’s in finding contentment, right here, right now.  (136)


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