I recently learned a friend’s husband has suddenly passed away.  I texted her and asked if I could to take her out for coffee. We cried, we laughed and we prayed. Face to face listening time is so important, but snail mail is also very encouraging during a loss. When my first husband John passed away suddenly on August 14, 2005, I was lifted by so many. Then I started getting a letter every few weeks talking about my husband and encouraging me. It always contained a Bible verse. It wasn’t until the first year had passed that I realized my friend had been sending the notes each month on the anniversary of John’s death. What an incredible and creative thing to do. I encourage you to send a note to a loved one through the mail. Yes, get a stamp and lick the envelope but not before you include a Bible verse.

I’ve found a great blog with five incredible verses for you to use and that will help you get started.


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