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Matthew West – Hello My Name Is

The world goes out of its way to make you believe you are not good enough. In his book, , Matthew West helps you discover your true identity and rip off those labels that others have wrongly put on you.

On identity:

Discovering our true identities does not being by looking within ourselves, but by looking outside of ourselves to the one who made us (16)

On being a control freak:

When I allow the name “Control Freak” to take ownership of me, I shift my focus from the calmer of storms to the chaos at hand, and I rush to rely on my own ability to control the unexpected situation.  […] But as a Christ follower who leaves the reins in God’s hands, there can be calm in knowing that God is not a God of chaos but a God of order. (37)

On trusting God:

Would scripture highlight all of God’s amazing attributes only to dissuade me from coming into his presence?  I sure don’t think so.  Instead, with every discovery about God through each of his names, we are invited into his presence to find that which we need. (23)

If you struggle with pretending to be perfect:

When you realize perfection is impossible, you are left with the choice of two paths: The one that leads to coming clean and accepting the fact that you’re a flawed human being. Or the one that leads to spending all of your time and energy working to keep up the appearance of spiritual perfection.

If you feel unwanted:

Zacchaeus was a guy who had been overlooked his entire life.  […]  When Jesus came by, he looked up at him and called him by name. […] there was no time for questions. No time for self-doubt.  Instead, ‘Zacchaeus quickly climbed down and took Jesus to his house in great excitement and Joy.’

Jesus chose Zacchaeus that day, and this is what Jesus still does today.  It does not matter how others have failed you, forgotten you, labeled you, or overlooked you.  He sees you.  He knows you.  He calls you by name.  You are wanted.  And he has chosen you. (155-156)

If you feel unqualified:

God doesn’t call us to things we are capable of accomplishing on our own.  […] But God somehow takes all of your good stuff and crafts an original, one-of-a-kind mission for our lives that puts to use everything he’s equipped us with and yet still requires something more.  That something more is him.  (173)


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