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Nikki Leonti Edgar – All Things Beautiful

There may have been moments in your life where you thought that your story was over.  That God had given up on you, so you should give up too.  I think Nikki Leonti Edgar may have felt that way after she signed a record deal and was climbing to the top of the Christian charts until she became a single mom, and felt alone.

But God didn’t give up on her, and now she wants to encourage other single moms that

“There is not a past too messy that can keep God from transforming the most hopeless situation into a beautiful story.” (Back cover)

So she wanted to share her journey and insights in her devotional .

If you feel like you don’t have a dream anymore, Nikki says:

I write out a list of my goals for the year every January first, but you can start this at any time.  On these lists would be my intentions, dreams, desires, or even things I considered to be a little foolish.  […] I used to make a list when asking God for a spouse.  I wrote out everything that was important to me in a partner and what was an absolute in character.  […] A year after I made this list, God sent me someone who was exactly what I prayed for.  Down to every single detail. (1)

When you just want to move on, but you can’t:

You may be reading this wondering how you’ll endure another day of friction, worry, or upset.  But if you continue to look to the one who will never fail you, I promise he will keep you above the circumstances that are trying to hold you captive in negativity.  The turmoil may not become easier overnight–in many cases it won’t–but your faith in the knowledge that you will overcome and that there will be restoration in your story will be the wings to guide you through the uncertainty of your life. (6-7)

When you’re stressed about the worst case scenario:

You don’t need to walk through trauma when you’re not in danger.  (I sometimes need to repeat this to myself.) Take the next what-if thought that tries to force its way into your brain and replace it with what is.  […] As you start being present in the real moment, you can dwell on the truth of where your life is and what things are worth your energy. (49)

When you feel like your kids need more discipline and structure in their life:

Take some time and evaluate things that are overwhelming your life and heart.  Recognize the areas that need some structure and how you can create it to being yourself peace of mind.  Whether it’s scheduling a nap for your toddler while you read a book you’ve been wanting to read or putting dinner in the slow cooker in the morning so it’s one less thing to fuss about after a long day, there are ways to simplify your life so you can walk in the fullness of what is out there for you. (86-87)




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