Here’s a month’s full of freebies and discounts for moms for Mothers Day, Teachers for Teacher Appreciation Month, and nurses for Nurse Appreciation week! There are also great opportunities for military members heading into Memorial Day Weekend at the end of the month.

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  • Good Morning,
    I was listening to Keith this morning and he talked to a woman who Mom was her difference maker. I really wanted to reach out and tell you all about my difference maker, my hero and my life companion.

    My Husband John is truly a man with a golden heart. I have Bipolar Disorder and we have traveled a very rocky road. We went through years of me going in and out of mania. We spent years when I was constantly depressed and suicidal. During those years my Husband was a rock. I really don’t understand how he did it. (Must be a God thing of course). He brought me to nearly all of my ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) treatments. 35 in total. During those years I relied on drugs and alcohol to deal with my emotions. I really was a broken Wife and Mother. I was unable to work for 12 years which put us in an incredible bind financailly. John stayed with me. He took up all the slack in our household duties and continued to support me. I had 2 DUI’s in one year and landed myself in the legal system and also lost my drivers license for 2 years. He did all the driving and cooking. God lead to me church and treatment and a life in recovery. This life in recovery changed our whole world. Again he stuck by me and we learned together how to live a life of faith, hope and love. We renewed our vows last Summer which was our 25th year of marriage. This man John is amazing. He loves unconditionally and he is steadfast and a faithful Husband. He now embraces God and we do that together. God has given a new and amazing life. I have been sober 3 1/2 years with God’s help and my loving Husband.

    I just needed to tell this story. I would love if other people heard about the hope that Jesus Christ has given us.

    Margie Monette

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