Whatever it takes.

It’s a really cool phrase, and it sounds awesome coming from your favorite superheroes in the avengers endgame trailer:

Maybe you’re like me, and sometimes you’re afraid to pray that God does “whatever it takes” in your life to show others His love. That sounds like the most dangerous thing to do… God, are you going to take me out of my comfort zone? Am I going to end up in another country? Does that mean I have to talk to people I really don’t like?

I like what Jon Bloom said about praying “Whatever it takes” prayers:

We are never safer than when we are in Jesus’s hands (John 10:28). And the safest way we can pray is to ask God to do whatever it takes for Jesus’s joy to be in us and for our joy to be full (John 15:11).

So you might not ever feel like a superhero, but with the power of the creator of the universe on your side doing whatever it takes, you can help change the world!

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