If you want to be better about reading books but you don’t have a lot of time to do it, welcome to the 30 second book club! We will go through a new book every week, and you can find out more about the book here and afternoons at 4:50 on 98.5 KTIS!


We’re starting off with a book about going after those big goals in your life, It’s called , by Jon Acuff. He says that because we are all perfectionists, the moment something doesn’t go right we just give up.

There are two doors we stand before in this book and in our lives. One is marked FINISHED and leads to untold adventure, opportunities, and stories.  One is marked PERFECTIONISM and leads to a solid brick wall of frustration, shame, and incomplete hopes.

Even two steps ahead and one step back is still going forward!


The first lie that perfection makes us believe is that we can’t start our goals because we will fail. And if you started a goal now, perfection might be throwing a new obstacle at you. Making your goal so big that you’ll never be able to make it.

At the beginning, when our excitement is through the roof, we think our achievement must be as well.  This is why people who have never run one hundred yards will tell me they are going to run a marathon.  I will gently ask them, “Have you ever run a half marathon? Have you ever run a 5K? What about a K? Have you ever run just a single K?  Get yourself a tiny little medal?”

We are all foolishly optimistic, so the cure is to cut your goal in half… or more, and if you hit the small goal, celebrate, and make a bigger one!


There are thousands of rules you follow every day, some of them are written on signs and made by other people, but some are hidden deep inside, and they are killing your happiness and your ability to Finish your goal.

Jon Acuff says to identify those rules that you are unfairly imposing on yourself, and then:

Write down your secret rules. Answer the question “What does that mean?” and then write yourself a new rule, a flexible, reasonable, healthy rule based on the truth.

For me it revolves around food. My parents instilled in me the importance of not wasting food at a young age, and now as an adult, I always make sure to clear my plate… that’s a good thing. The bad thing is I always make sure to clear my kids plates too. I’d hate for it to be wasted. A chicken nugget here and some extra spoonfuls of mac and cheese there and I’m 15 pounds heavier than I want to be. so I am changing the “everything on the table must be eaten” rule to “make less food or save it for leftovers”


I hope this week has been a turning point for you. If you’ve been following along with our 30 second book club reading of Finish, you’ve learned a lot about how perfectionism gets in the way of making any progress towards your dreams, stopping you before you even start.

Now if you finally started and now you are frustrated that you don’t feel like you’re making much progress, Here’s what Jon shares:

If your goal is to get to 100 percent and you’re only at 40, you’ve failed.  That’s an F right now, and perfectionism would love to remind you of that.

You’ve still got 60 percent to go.

What if instead you looked at the zero of the starting line and could admit you’re not there anymore. The reality is that 40 percent is monstrous progress when compared to zero.

So, don’t be afraid to look back at the beginning. You’re not at the starting line. you might not be anywhere near the finish, but you’ve come a long way.


When we get close to achieving our goals, there’s this hesitation to not cross the finish line. because we are afraid of what happens after the finish.

It’s like the story of a boatmaker who was afraid to actually finish a boat because then he would have to take it on to the water and deal with the unknown.

Boats were built for water. You’ll figure out what’s next when you get there. Don’t worry about it now.

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