It’s crazy to see how much those celebrity parents paid to get their kids into a college, but I think what is really striking is even after all that work, the kids didn’t even really want to go. They had their own dreams for their life.

This sounds like helicopter parenting to the max. How do we avoid that in our own lives?

Focus on the Family says there are 4 phases of parenthood:

  • Commander
  • Coach
  • Counselor
  • Consultant

When teens are ready for college, you should be almost at that final stage – but it is also the hardest, because it requires letting go.

However, just like when they were younger and you took off the training wheels, there may be some wobbly moments, some times you want to pull them back on the road as they hit the curb, but ultimately, they learn from their mistakes and go faster and farther than you could ever push them yourself.

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