When you read a book to a child, you help open their eyes to a new world, and you might find yourself learning a lesson at the same time!   I was reading Scaredy Squirrel to my 6-year-old the other day, which is the story of a squirrel who never wants to leave the safety of his tree because he is afraid of germs, poison ivy, sharks, and everything else outside is home that is the “unknown.”

One afternoon, he sees a bee and is so startled that he falls off the tree branch and towards the ground.  but as he spreads his arms and legs out to brace for impact, he doesn’t hit the ground but gently glides through the trees.

Scaredy Squirrel wasn’t any ordinary squirrel, he was a flying squirrel, and he never would have found out what he was truly capable of without that step into the unknown!

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