Your student is getting close to the 100 day mark of the school year. My 1st grader is making something out of 100 legos to celebrate the day, but there’s one teacher that will be celebrating 100 days for a different reason!

Julia Mooney is a middle school teacher and for the first 100 days of the school year, she has worn the same dress every single day. She keeps it fresh with different accessories and layers, but she chose to do this to show that people shouldn’t be defined or labeled by the clothing they wear.

She told Good Morning America:

The things that we do define us, and if we spend less energy trying to look good and trying to create this superficial image of who we are, then we might have more energy to do meaningful things and define ourselves based on the good that we do instead of how good we look,

One Response to "Could you wear the same dress for 100 days?"

  • karen monson says:

    That is an awesome idea. Too much is spent on clothes that should or will never be worn. You are a great example as a teacher! I praise you for your service.

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