Sure, there’s a big game coming on Sunday that is so big we can’t legally say the name of it, but if you want to be on top of your food game at your party, I humbly present to you…  THE NUGGET BOWL:

You can feed an entire hoard of people for under $25!  Here’s how:

  1. Locate your nearest Burger King.
  2. Call to see if they are doing the “10 Nuggets for $1” deal.
  3. Inform them that you want to buy 200 for your ‘big game’ party and plan a time to pick them up (it does take some extra time to make that many so they will appreciate the heads-up).
  4. Bring an insulated container when you pick them up (to keep them warm).
  5. Serve in a bowl; complete the stadium look by stacking the dipping sauces around the bowl.
  6. Enjoy!



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