After years of addiction, Tony is now living a sober life at Union Gospel Mission. But a few years ago, he got a wake-up call when his wife and children left because of his addiction.

This Christmas his former wife gave Tony the most generous gift of all–forgiveness; She cancelled his child support debt of $21,000. Tears came to his eyes at the news, but not because the debt had been erased. It was her forgiveness that gave him the most joy of all.

It’s always the right time to have a generous heart, but January is a perfect time to share stories of how real people experienced real blessings from the love and compassion of others at Christmastime.  Together with our friends at Thrivent, we are sharing how God’s love provided for people in need thanks to hearts open to being generous.

If you have felt joy from someone’s generosity, listen for your chance to share your experience on 98.5 KTIS beginning January 7. Your joy is contagious. Would you uplift our community with your Joy of Generosity story?

If your intention for this new year is to be more generous, here are tips to be more financially fit this year.

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