Ah, the simple sugar cookie.  It’s like a blank canvas for a world of possibilities.  The one downside about making them is that most recipes call for leaving the dough in the fridge for a while, but my wife found a recipe that works without chilling, meaning you get to decorate (and eat) the cookies much faster!

Pair that with the super simple recipe for Royal Icing (which hardens and is nice and shiny once it dries), and you’ve got the quintessential Christmas Cookie!

What did my kids think?

My 6-year-old loved them so much that he took a small bite out of each cookie so that nobody else would want to eat any of them!

No-chill sugar cookie recipe

Royal icing recipe

Note:  The reason these look so good is because I didn’t have much to do with making this pan.  Mine were not as picture-worthy!

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