This is for all the cake lovers (which does not include my wife; she prefers pie, which confuses me).  Anyway, I love simple cookie recipes, and in this one, a box of cake mix takes care of a lot of heavy lifting.  After that, you are left with very fluffy cookies that may seem more like muffin tops than cookies, but the top of the muffin is the best part anyway, right?   Also, you’ll notice in the picture that there doesn’t seem to be many sprinkles. I may have underestimated the amount you should add  (plus the grocery store was out of regular sprinkles so I had to get ones with random shapes, so that probably didn’t help)!

My 6-year-old, the very truthful judge of all my baking endeavors, gave this one a thumbs down.  I don’t think it was “cookie” enough for him.

But if you like cake, this is a non-messy way to eat some with your hands!

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