Sometimes saying, “thank you”  just doesn’t seem to cover it when you appreciate someone for something they’ve done for you. I feel this way whenever I encounter a veteran or active duty service man or woman. Today is Veterans Day, and I hope these words encourage you if you are a veteran or if you know someone who is:

Lord, today we seek to honor Your sons and daughters who have served or who are serving our country. We are reminded that because of their service, we can live in safety.

We ask that You abundantly bless those who have previously served. May their service time be rewarded in every way. May they gain earthly and heavenly blessings from their unselfish love of country.

Lord, we stop now and remember those who are currently serving. We ask that You provide them with Your protection, Your strength, and Your peace. We ask that You would abundantly provide for all their needs. We ask that You would enable them to overcome every personal and professional obstacle. We ask that you would protect their families from hurt and harm. May each of our veterans feel honored not just today but every day. Amen.

~Brenda McLendon 2012

Many businesses and restaurants are honoring America’s veterans and active duty personnel with free meals and deals today. This is an excellent list to find where to go!