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Check out what Kate told us about how these emails encouraged her.

I have been in a job search for the past 8 months and the week before last hit the lowest point in the search. The morning after my roughest day, I opened up your email and saw the message “Breathe. God is still in control.” The message was so powerful, and less than two weeks later I had received a job offer for the role I’d wanted since July. On the day I officially accepted, I found another email with the message “Dear God, The words ‘thank you’ do not seem good enough, but they are all I have. So, thank you…for everything. Amen.”


7 Responses to "Encouragement at a glance"

  • Cheryl Schnebly says:

    Hello, I’m so glad you guys got this app. Thanks!
    I have been listening to your station for almost 3 years. Right now, my husband & I are going through hard times. My husband (Bill) has been out of work since 8/20/2015. I just got let go from my job (over 17 1/2 years). They were cleaning house. So I found the first job that hired me right away.
    My husband is 57 & I’m 54 (almost 55). We have no health insurance right now. I’m not going to be bring in that much money, Driving a school bus. Christmas is on hold this year. Thank God we have 2 Adult kids, both are married. No grand kids. So your music & messages touch my heart.
    Just wanted to say Thanks for being there.

  • I am the KTIS Girl, thanks to KTIS I was able to find the Faith based 12 step program in St. Paul today. The people their were so supportive and extended much pray and great advice. I want to thank KTIS for being such a supportive, listening to the music everyday makes all the difficulties in my life not so big any more.

    1. Congrats on your soberity!! I too am sober! I am so happy to hear you’re getting the support and help you need! 🙂 I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! I wish you luck on your new journey and your soberity!! 🙂 if you ever need anything, I am here for you! We can never have enough support! Keep the Faith! 🙂

  • Hope Schultz says:

    Thank you for the love and support in my life. Love listening always.

  • I absolutely love KTIS, I listen in the car with my kids as well as at work! It reminds me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I also love that you guys are sending uplifting and positive messages to my children through the music you play

  • marissa Lillyblad says:

    Just need prayer🤔thank you😁

  • I was in very bad car accident April 4th, 2016 with my oldest son. We had been rear ended pretty bad on the highway that resulted in some major injuries for me. I had a long list of injuries and I am still suffering from them.
    My son was completely fine, a little shaken up but no injuries for him or the person that rear ended us. Thank God for that!
    Anyways, 2 years have past and I thought it was the end of all the legal stuff that was going on. I did get all of my medical bills paid and that’s all I wanted. So when my lawyer called me 2 days ago with news of a Settlement offer, I was over the moon with that news!
    The last year, my life took a turn for the worse. I was addicted to drugs, I wasn’t being a very good mother, my life was hell. But then I found God! I got clean, I got Sober. I will have a year of Sobriety in November! I am VERY proud of myself!! I now I have my family back together and for once in my life I am HAPPY!! Genuinely HAPPY! And I owe it ALL to God!
    God has blessed me over and over again and I can’t thank him enough!! Now when I get this money, it’ll be a new beginning for me! I will FINALLY have my own place to live, my own car, and my own everything, really!!
    I prayed for so long for God to cut me a break and he did! And I am so glad he waited to bless me while being Sober! THANK YOU 🙏🏼 God for this amazing blessing!! THANK YOU!! And thanks everyone for reading my long comment!