When you are getting ready to welcome a new life into the world, you want everything to be perfect for them.  Even if your child has a few differences that changes the way they will live, you try to do everything to give them all the opportunities of every other child.

That’s the heart and mission behind Madison’s Place, a 16,000-square-foot all-inclusive playground that is for children of all ages and abilities to foster friendships, experience the excitement of climbing on a playground and spend time outdoors.  It takes away the barriers keeping some children away from hanging out at a park with sensory play equipment, ramps for wheelchair access, and a rubber floor instead of wood chips or sand.

My kids had a blast running around this giant playground, and they really liked cooling off at the splash pad that is located right next to the park as well!  While I was there I had to spend a moment thanking God for two big things.  I felt so thankful that my boys haven’t faced some of the obstacles others have to daily face from being physically challenged, and I felt such an enormous blessing knowing that there are people like those who made Madison’s Place a reality!  How wonderful it is when we work together to give everyone a place to play.


Madison’s Place is now open in Woodbury.

Read Madison’s story here.

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