My kids love to skateboard.  They take their skateboards everywhere with them and now that it’s Summer, they stay out late skateboarding around the neighborhood.  When I first saw this video, I thought “Cool! Skateboarding!”.  But I also realized that maybe it’s a perfect place to pray.  Not just skateboarding down the road, but anywhere.

I realized that I have access to Jesus, the King of the universe, anytime, anywhere, and anyplace.  He is with me always.: walking, running, skiing, working, or just hanging out around the house. So the reality is the best place to start is with worship; honoring God for who He is. Humbling ourselves before The Lord.  What an honor that Jesus gives us access to him 24/7!  We never have to worry about coming to Him in our time of need. Jesus says to cast all your cares on Him because He cares for us.  I just have to remember to come to Him and pray.

So, be bold, be strong, and “pray it up!”

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