There are times when it seems God is silent. We can let other things, distractions, and idols get in the way of being able to hear God speak. But what if we’re actively seeking Him and we still hear nothing?

Pastor Adam McHugh references the longstanding ancient tradition called the dark night of the soul, a phrase coined by St. John of the Cross.

“There are times in our lives when God seems to be silent.”

It’s a reality that every believer will face at some point and it can be jarring. When we’ve been walking with God for many years and suddenly it seems that He’s pulled back His presence, it can lead even the strongest Christian to ask questions and feel alone. Adam has some words of encouragement.

“The experience of God’s presence may not be there but God’s presence is still there.”

How should we handle ourselves during a season of God’s silence? Adam suggests we search our hearts, determine if there is un-confessed sin, and be patient.

“We need to differentiate between that experience of presence and the presence itself. God is always present with us even if we don’t experience it.”

This is an opportunity for us to be still before God and others. It gives us an opportunity to learn to “walk by faith” in a new way. If you’re feeling this today, take some time to rest in your knowledge of the Lord. Then, wait for that day when the clouds break and the sun shines on you once again.

Adam offers more encouragement in his book,  .

Key Scriptures: 1 Samuel 3:10

Featured Songs: Jesus Loves Me by Chris Tomlin; The River by Jordan Feliz; Grace Wins by Matthew West

Highlight : Navigating the dark night of the soul

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