If you could accomplish anything on earth, what would it be?

So often when posed with that question, our thoughts go to what we feel we should say and not to what we really want to say.  We may feel obligated to say something like:

•  Eradicate hunger
•  Destroy poverty
•  End slavery
•  Accomplish world peace

And those are all great things, but if they’re not what come to mind for you, then dare to probe a little deeper so you can answer the question honestly.

Why, you ask? Because embedded deep within your soul is a God-given dream that He put there! And though it may be in seed form now, it’ll never come to fruition if your ‘ought-tos’ and ‘should-dos’ keep your actual calling stuffed under the surface.

What if—deep within your soul—is a desire to make a lot of money? Well, the world is full of people who love money more than God, and that’s a problem. But what if God gifted you—as one of His very own—to make a lot of money to help fund the work of the Kingdom?

Maybe your honest-to-goodness desire is to be an artist but you’ve shrugged it off as a mere hobby or even an obstacle to the ‘real’ ministry you feel you ought to do. Can you see how often we edit God without even realizing it? What if you—as an artist—are called to capture scenes that grip the human heart and make us think of God?

One thing is true: Far too many Christians let their dreams die because of a lie. They’ve stopped believing, stopped dreaming, and stopped contending for the desires God has put in their hearts.

Imagine the creative revival that would break out if we all got honest about our desires and then fully submitted our lives to God’s direction, timing, and providence!

I dare you to start dreaming again. And trust God in the process. Remember, you’ll have to contend for the promise written over your life. Why? Because you have a very real enemy who shudders at the idea of you stepping into your God-given purpose, because you will be energized, inspired, and find your most sustainable faith when you’re in the center of God’s will for you.

Also, be prepared to humbly serve others in the process. This is not about you. It’s about Jesus and His heart for a lost and broken world. You’ll face many opportunities to humble yourself, to put others first, and to remember your identity in spite of how others view you. It’s good for the soul to remember where our help and our identity come from.

And finally, don’t grow weary in the waiting. God takes His time to develop His saints because He’s first and foremost, a protective, loving Father who will not send us out unprepared. You can trust Him. And the world needs your influence.

Can’t wait to see what God might do through you!

Start dreaming again

Susie Larson is the host of Live the Promise and author of over 12 books and many articles including  .

Featured Songs: Impossible – Building 429; The Same Power – Jeremy Camp; Move – Toby Mac

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