It’s with somber but grateful hearts that we mourn Billy Graham.  He’s home now, but imagine the welcome he received as he heard the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” from his Lord.  His legacy of faith is enormous.

KTIS exists because of Billy Graham.  While he was the President of the Northwestern Schools (today the University of Northwestern – St. Paul), he organized students, faculty, and staff to fund and launch a Christian radio ministry here in the Twin Cities.

Billy Graham signs KTIS on the air.

Maybe you gave your life to Christ in response to a message preached by Billy Graham.  Maybe your parents or grandparents first came to faith through his ministry.  Or maybe your faith has been encouraged through KTIS and Billy Graham’s vision of sharing faith through the radio.  We would be grateful if you shared your story with us.

More on the legacy of Billy Graham.

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  • Karen Londo says:

    Celebrating Billy Graham’s life~ He
    had God’s heart for all people in the entire world as he tirelessly shared and lived John 3:16: For God So Loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
    As a young girl I remember watching the Billy Graham crusades with my sister and parents on our black and white tv. His message of salvation encouraged me to accept Jesus as my personal savior when I was 11yrs old in alter call at our church. Praising God for Billy Graham, his good and faithful servant, whose life glorified our Lord and Savior!
    As believers we can carry on Billy Graham’s mission by sharing the good news of help for today and hope for tomorrow?

  • Doug Swanson says:

    Luke 19 parable of the 10 minas.

  • Sandra Heir says:

    I’m one of the millions that came to Christ through Billy Graham’s crusades. He holds such a warm place in my heart and memory. I rejoice in what he’s experiencing right now. The Lord said “well done my son” He will be greatly missed but never forgotten. I can’t wait to meet him in heaven, after I meet my Savior.

  • Jill Granger says:

    I, like many people, grew up listening to Billy Graham’s crusades on the radio and TV. He maintained one focus; bringing others to Christ with sincerity and love. He had the unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life. An inspiration and role model for the Christian life, we will miss him greatly. He has finally gone home to be with the Lord. All of heaven must be rejoicing today as this faithful servant has his first day in his new Eternal home. Until we all see you again Billy Graham!

  • Barbara Zink says:

    What a blessing to have been given 99 years, but oh what a blessing to finally be home with his Lord. What a homecoming he is having. Angels rejoicing that God’s mighty servant is home. The many crowns he must have that he can cast them at the feet of Jesus. I am so blessed by his homecoming. I used to watch him on our black and white TV, sitting on the floor in front of it, glued to the screen, loving the song,”Just as I am” God is now blessing Billy Graham.

  • bonnie weber says:

    Your message or question…

  • bonnie weber says:

    “The 1996 crusade was perhaps his most successful. The Metrodome was full every night, and on the last two nights, record crowds spilled into the streets.”MPLS Star and Tribune.

    I was at this crusade singing in the Billy Graham choir. A day I will always remember. A friend of mine asked me to sing in this event. Nancy and I were members of St. Andrew’s Choir in Mahtomedi. I remember at the time she invited me to sing at Billy’s crusade I kept refusing but finally gave in. So glad I did. We were going to meet up and sit together but this did not happen just so many people we couldn’t find each other. Three times during this event the camera man zoomed in on me singing. My face filled the big screens in the metrodome. I just couldn’t believe it. I was going through some very difficult times in life. The next day after the crusade Nancy called me, she said “Bonnie you know why you were on the big screen its because it God’s way of telling you I see you I know what you’re going through trust me.” The other incredible thing was my son John couldn’t wait to get down to the stage and turn his live over to Christ. He was only 10 years old. I will truly miss Billy Graham. He has blessed my life.

  • Pamela Murphy says:

    So sad that Rev. Graham is no longer here with us on earth, but so happy that he is now with his Heavenly Father. Rev. Graham had a great impact on me as a struggling teenager. I remember watching a crusade on tv with my grandmother. I listened intently and heard the message for the first time in my life. I watched as my grandmother had tears flowing down her face; I remember the song, Just As I Am. That message followed me and that scene followed me until I accepted Christ years later. His sermon changed my life.

  • Bob Somers says:

    I received Christ at a Billy Graham crusade at the State Fair grounds in the 50’s!

  • The Billy Graham Crusade came to the Twin Cities with Billy( himself ) for the last time I believe. The church I was attending was working on being there as staff for those first time who wanted Jesus Christ in their lives. Surrendering to him.
    I was asked to go with a very good friend of mine. We had to sit way up in the highest section. When Billy gave the cue to start coming down to the main floor there was nothing that could stop me! My friend still stayed in his seat, how could that be? I proceeded to go like others down the stairs and down to the floor. The most wonderful feeling was upon me. Their were crowds of people and I just kept trying to get closer to see Billy’s face up close. I would stand with the crown on the floor and then when I found an open space I would keep going closer and closer. Something in me which I know of course was the Holy Spirit kept me going further and further to the stage. I never made it as close as I wanted being the crowd, but the Joy I felt and knowing the Lord was bringing me closer and closer to him. Just to see Billy’s face! It was like it shined or I should say glowed! (I had been thinking of a career that wasn’t really me and after this night with Billy I knew I could not get into that field and So glad the Lord helped me see that job I was going to take wasn’t honoring my Lord at all. So happy I went to that Crusade and so wonderful of a feeling to come closer to Billy to see his face and to feel the Holy Spirit nudge me to be so brave to fight gently through the crowds. Thank you Lord for being in my life. I love you so! Kathy Starkey

  • Jerry Dennis says:

    Upon the death of Abraham Lincoln, Edwin Stanton, then Secretary of War, stated, “Now he belongs to the ages.”
    Those words are so true today. Our world is mourning today for our loss and Heaven’s gain. I cannot wait to meet you in Heaven Mr Graham! Well done thou good and faithful servant!

  • David Ocar says:

    RIP Dr. Graham one of my heroes. I’ll always remember attending Dr. Graham’s 1996 crusade in the Twin Cities which drew the largest crowds ever to the Metrodome. The last evening there were 95,000 people, 70,000 inside and 25,000 in an overflow lot outside.

  • Dianne Brummond says:

    Yes, Billy Graham was one of a kind and a truly faithful servant of God–who always maintained his integrity and the truth of the Gospel. This is why he was respected by all, no matter their own personal beliefs.
    Praise God that Billy is not home with Him.

    Interesting that few comments are send in by men. DIanne

  • Dianne Brummond says:

    OOPS, spelling error,,,, my email should have read” Praise God that BIlly is NOW home with HIm.

  • The message of Jesus Christ from Billy Graham has been part of my life since watching my father reaffirm his faith with God at a Billy Graham crusade, my participation in Youth for Christ, and reading most of his books.

    After hearing of his passing, I watched his 99th Birthday Notable Reflections. Billy encouraged spending time in God’s word, starting with the book of Luke. Turns out that I am nearing the end of studying The NIV Application Commentary on the book of Luke. Strangely enough, last nights reading included these verses of the trademark crusade song “Jesus Paid It All.”
    Jesus paid it all,
    All to him I owe;
    Sin had left a crimson stain-
    He washed it white as snow.

    Thank you God for Billy!

    Todd W.

  • I have been a long term KTIS listener/supporter.. KTIS has been a source of comfort, encouragement and source of direct communication via Christ. PRAISE GOD!!!!!

    Billy was/is a truly beautiful instrument of God. I was curious if Billy could be permanently honored by KTIS as an ongoing example of What Christ/God can do through human beings?? I love the message segments of his voice and the tributes.. They bring me to tears and deep worship to God.. Thank you for airing those <3

    I love KTIS and Billy's legacy through this station has sustained me through my life. Since Billy's celebratory return to our Father, my spirit has been renewed and my faith significantly boosted. I cannot think other's haven't had the same reaction. <3

    I think in this time of increasing negativity we need to remember people like Billy and truly what we (as Christians) are put here to do! <3

    Just a thought. GOD BLESS and KEEP you Faith Family and Welcome Home Brother Billy!!! <3

  • Jackie Campbell says:

    I Believe Rev. Billy Graham has Truly left a mark on so many Hearts esp.the ones who listen to ktis here in Mn. Hes Impacted so many throughout the world and all Glory to God to send such a Voice and Heart that he has to us. We need to now be that Voice to carry the message of Jesus to others who don’t know him. Thank you Ktis for still standing strong during our missing of that great Voice of Hope to us. Ktis is a Voice to All who will Listen, Thankyou to All Artist who sing the good songs for our ears to hear on ktis as well May God be with us all.

  • I remember Rev. Billy Graham in the late 60s at open crusades in the Twin Cities. My Father and Mother, although a poor farm family, felt it was important to go listen to him. I heard Ethel Waters, George Beverly Shea sing, as well as the simple message of how God lived me. My Grandmother and my Mom also had him on whenever he was aired on TV. Once my 5-year old brother, watching Rev. Graham on TV, turned to my Grandmother and announced he was going to preach to people like that. He now is a minister and a church planter. I am thankful for his message to me, my family, to MN, to America, and around the world!!

  • Dale Telle says:

    I enjoyed the privilege of working for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for several years here in Minneapolis.

    Something that all of us were keenly aware of was Billy’s ability to place people of character and talent in places of influence and authority. Billy was not one to micromanage people. He trusted the Association’s leadership team and he showed great respect for every employee.

    In the Association’s lunchroom there was a display of letters mailed in from all over the world. One letter was addressed to Billy Graham, Many Happys (Minneapolis). Another letter just had his picture on it. There were many more with almost sorta kinda less than complete addresses yet Billy was so widely loved and known – the US Post Office knew to deliver these letters to the Association’s downtown Minneapolis office.

    When Billy came to Minneapolis to attend the Association’s summer picnics it was apparent to all that he had no interest in public recognition; he was sweet, he was humble and he genuinely treated absolutely every person as though what they had to say was the most important comment of the day.

    Billy Graham was gracious, sweet, kind, humble, faithful, wise, bold and such a fine example to us all. He is my hero.

  • Hearing of Billy Graham’s passing brought tears to my eyes. It was almost as if I knew him personally after so many years of watching him on TV and hearing him on the radio. Many friends shared testimonies of accepting Christ at previous Billy Graham crusades so I was honored to join the prayer ministry team at his 1996 crusade here in Minneapolis. The training and materials we received were a perfect reflection of Billy’s simple yet relevant message. Billy’s direct God-inspired message of “What must I do to be saved?” proved effective with presidents and paupers alike. In a world of phonies, Billy always stood out as a man of INTEGRITY! Thank you, Dr. Graham, for your faithfulness and sincerity. I imagine an amazing “Coming Home” party for you in heaven! Looking forward to seeing you there.

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