One of the great stories from last Sunday’s big game was New Orleans punter Thomas Morstead persevering through injuries.  His determination to come back onto the field for the “meaningless” 2-point conversion attempt has inspired thousands of Vikings fans to support Morstead’s charity in a big way.  So far more than $190,000 has been given to What You Give Will Grow which aims to “improve the lives of those in need through support of local causes and organizations in the New Orleans and Gulf South communities, with a strong focus on children’s charities and cancer initiatives.”

As a way of reciprocating the generosity, Morstead has decided to give the donations from Vikings fans to Children’s Hospital in St. Paul.  What an incredible way to make significant good come from a football game!

If you are interested in donating, see Morstead’s tweet for more information.

Also be sure to check out his special thank you video (and note the verses on the wall!).



Children’s Hospital has a special message for Morstead too.


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