It’s a new year and for many that means the (maybe) dreaded word ‘resolution’.  A resolution mostly starts with “I will…” – and you know where self reliance usually gets you. Zach Marino is a youth pastor at The Grove Church in Maple Grove and has a great perspective for you to consider as you move into 2018. It’s based on Proverbs 16:3 and encourages you to choose commitment over resolution!

Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established.”

“I have heard this verse SO much in my lifetime. But it’s not until recently that I dug deeper and found a really fresh perspective! The first part of this perspective is all centered around the word “Commit.” What does this really mean? Well, thanks for asking. The word “commit” has a range of meanings but the primary one being used in this passage is “to roll with.” Isn’t that awesome? Basically, this word, being an imperative (or command), is commanding us to “roll with God.” Whatever you do, make sure you are inviting God to roll with you, include him, ask him to join you. There is a great emphasis here on relationship. Anything you do, make sure that your relationship with God is thought about as the primary factor. How does this business decision affect your relationship with God? How does disciplining your four year old impact your relationship with God? And then on the complete flip side, you have to ask the question, “How does my relationship with God impact this business decision? How does my relationship with God impact the way I discipline or parent my four year old?” It’s a two-way street. Commitment is not just about you. It’s about you and God, together…To roll with God means to make intentional choices in anything we do to somehow reflect our relationship with God. You know what is so amazing about this command to “commit?” It doesn’t demand or expect perfection. It actually leaves an amazing amount of space for fault and failure.”

Read Zach Marino’s entire blog here.


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