I find the scripture from 2 Timothy 1:17 so encouraging.  It says, ”For God has not given you a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.”   That promise has been so helpful to me during times in my life when my future was unclear or when I assumed the worst would certainly happen.  I came to find out that I really had nothing to fear at all.  I learned that fears are not facts.

I’m not sure what fear you have today, but I love the lyrics in Zach Williams’ new song that says, “cast your fear in the fire, ‘cause fear is a liar.”

He shared with me his heart behind writing that song and said, “I feel like a lot of times the devil tries to use my past against me.  When I step on stage, I hear that I don’t deserve to be up here and that I don’t belong, but I’m not what the devil says I am.  I’m what God says I am.”

Please enjoy the world premiere of Zach Williams new music video, “Fear is a Liar”.

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