Look back at all your old family pictures.  I challenge you to recall how much money you had in the bank the day each photo was taken.  I challenge you to recall what your current salary was, the size of the credit card bill, or how late the mortgage payment was that month.   The only things visible in your old family pictures, are the people.  Finances are invisible.

Understanding that our financial health will fluctuate over time, we would do well to make the best choices we can about money, but then not let it invade our thoughts as much as it does.  Memories are made up of people, family, friends, experiences, stories, laughter and tears–not finances.  If you lose a job, you’ll survive.  If you get a promotion, you’ll survive.  If the stock market crashes, you’ll survive.  If you’ve got no retirement, you’ll survive.

Finances may make our lives easier or harder, but they aren’t catastrophic.  But if we fixate on them, they will make every day feel dark and damp and ominous.  Suddenly life gets more tense and depressing–and all for something you can’t even see!   Remember finances are invisible.  Worry is invisible and so is fear.  In the end, the only things your Christmas cards will show are people.  Live in that space this Christmas.  Relax about everything else and be intense about WHO is in your life today.  That is what really matters.


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