Whether it was the twinkling lights on the decorated Christmas tree or pulling out the fine china to set the table stuffed with food- my mom worked hard to provide me with great memories of Christmas.

But, like all of us, I also live with expectations around the holidays.  When the stress of those expectations rise I can rely on my good memories, deeply etched in my soul, to fill my heart the moment I hear the Carpenters or Andy Williams singing a Christmas song.

God’s powerful weaving of music and memories means every Christmas season you likely experience thoughts of what Christmas was like. For some, these thoughts bring joy. For others sadness, regret, loneliness or perhaps pain caused by someone or something.  What was said, or just as destructive- what wasn’t said.

The great news is God’s mercies are new every day.  That means you have the opportunity this Christmas to weave different music into new memories as you celebrate the season.  While I wish it just happened with the push of a button, my mom was right- it might take hard work.  Intentionality.

Mom unexpectedly passed away just one week before Christmas 10 years ago.  Yes, that was a Christmas that left deep etchings on my soul as well, but my soul is full every time Silent Night is sung at the Midnight eve service, because I remember mom and our joyful Christmases that she worked so hard to create.

Thanks mom.


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