The love of Christ prevailed as Pastor Frank Pomeroy, his wife, and their small congregation gathered with hundreds of others at Sutherland Springs Church.  They proclaimed Jesus’ victory over death just one week after having lost so many in the tragedy at their church–including the pastor’s 14 year old daughter Annabelle. I am in awe of their strength and ability to lean on God just days after the unthinkable happened in the midst of their worship service on November 5th. Here’s just a piece of his encouragement on Sunday.

This past weekend our country was attacked, our state was attacked, our church was attacked.  We celebrate and remember the veterans who fought and died so that we can have freedom in this country. But last weekend, men, women and children also fought and died for the freedom we have here this morning. We have the freedom to proclaim Christ. Folks, we have the freedom to choose, and rather than choose darkness as one young man did that day, I say we choose life…And if anybody knows me, what is my verse? Love never fails.

Love and miracles do indeed rise out of the ashes of tragedy. You can read the entire moving story here.

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