Most days the good decisions you make are pretty thankless. Your body doesn’t reward you for saying no to the cookies this afternoon by dropping 5 pounds at the end of the day. Most decisions are too small to make a difference on their own, but when they are put together, they end up making the habits that are the guiding paths of your life.

Vikings Wide Receiver and hometown hero Adam Thielen made his way to become an NFL star by doing the little things. He talked with me about doing the little things in today’s Vikings win over the Baltimore Ravens at US Bank Stadium.

“It’s the mindset of everyone on our offense. It doesn’t really matter what play is called, or if it’s coming to you or not. You’ve got to do your job. Obviously that will help other people do their job. For me, I’m just trying to help this team win no matter what play is called.” – Adam Thielen

If you want big results in your life, start by making the little decisions count, and surround yourself with others who will help you make those decisions too. You can’t have an amazing marriage by going on one incredible date. You can’t have obedient kids by holding them accountable only on Tuesdays. Day in and day out, doing the little things will slowly add up to make big changes in your life over time.

The Vikings can’t win the Super Bowl by beating the Ravens in October, but they can do the little things that keep them in contention for a good playoff spot at the end of the year. You can’t have the life you want by making all the right decisions today, but you can start habits that will lead you there over time.

Are you doing the little things that will help you get where you want to go in your life? Have you surrounded yourself with likeminded people in your inner circle who are going to help you get there too?

Take a minute to reset your heart to a place where you see the little things as adding up to big results over time.  Remember that today is probably not the day where you will reach your goals, but you will still decide to do what you can to put yourself in a good position to reach them soon.

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