The tragedy in Las Vegas is the world at its very worst, but it’s bringing out the best in many, rushing to aid those who were hurt.

Tales of heroism among those caught up in the chaos have been emerging while calls for blood to help the 500-plus people injured have prompted huge lines outside blood banks as people rush to donate. You  may be 1,500 miles away but there are ways that you can help those affected

You might not be able to donate blood, but you can donate to  The Salvation Army Southern Nevada . They are providing emotional and spiritual care to survivors, family members and first responders as well as helping those misplaced and providing meals for many including those in line to donate blood.

You can  donate to the Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada, which provides medical services to people without access to health care.

An official GoFundMe account for the victims and families of the shooting has been set up by the chairman of the Clark County commission. So far it has raised nearly $3 million. You can find the page here.

You can  also donate to the National Compassion Fund, which directly distributes donations to victims of a mass crime, previously helping families of those killed in 9/11 and the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Also be wary of fundraising sites raising money for the victims of the shooting. Some of these might well be raising money for a funeral or memorial, but experts say incidents like this bring forward opportunists seeking a quick buck from well-intentioned citizens.

To get the latest straight from officials, Las Vegas police are sharing updates on their Twitter page.

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