Your child’s first words are probably the most amazing thing you’ll ever hear.  Mom’s love sharing, so when Jimmy Fallon from the “Tonight Show” put out a call for videos of little ones saying “mama” to coincide with the release of his new children’s book “Everything is Mama”, the videos flooded in. They probably weren’t expecting what came from Minnesota mom Kate Swenson, and her 7 year old son Cooper who is on the autism spectrum. Kate shares her heart and Cooper’s way of communicating with her. Check out the heart grabbing video and you’ll see why Kate’s video was chosen above all the others. She won a trip to New York city, met Fallon and was on the Today show but something more made Kate the happiest. She said on her FB page, “…even more amazing than all of that was starting a conversation about nonverbal autism. That’s my number one goal…My son is almost 7 and has never said a word. And yet, I know that his voice is just as sweet.”

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